We’ve all been there—looking for openings on a company’s site only to find a poorly designed and out of date career page, possibly with a lone job on it that expired three months ago.

What’s the only thing missing from this experience? A tumbleweed blowing past and a lonely crow cawing in a tree overhead, as if to say: “Abandon hope, all ye who (try to) look for jobs here.”

And let’s not forget about the places we haven’t been. Lots of companies don’t even have a career page. Job seekers visiting these sites looking for opportunities simply won’t find them.

Of course, if you’re an SMB owner or manager, it can be difficult to find the time and resources to build a page for your jobs, or to keep one up to date. So here’s some good news: Indeed recently introduced its new Career Page solution, making it much easier to capture interest from talent searching for jobs on your site.

But before you go out and create one, here are four tips that’ll help you get the most out of your new career page.


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4 Tips for Getting Great Results from Your Career Page

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