Contract Staffing Service in Philippines

Contract staffing refers to the hiring of professionals and staff on contract basis, usually over a specified period of time.

Contract staffing has become very popular as a form of employment arrangement.  Many companies employ long-term and sometimes short-term contract staff to undertake a variety of projects and assignments.  In the same token, many professionals and staff also prefer contract staffing employment as it gives them the flexibility of working with different organizations on a variety of projects and assignments.

In addition to hiring full-time employees, many companies also turn to contract staffing employment to hire contract staff of different job functions and roles to augment its full-time staff strength. One of our services provided by our associate company, EPS Management and Business Consulting Group includes Contract Staffing, IT Manpower Outsourcing and IT Contract Staffing.

Why Contract Staffing is an important solution to your company

Why companies engage EPS to provide external Contract Staffing engagement?

  1. Short of internal resource to undertake the assignment
  2. Does not have internal resource with the requisite skill-sets
  3. Does not have the approved headcount to hire full-time staff, thus resorting to contract staffing to overcome the headcount problem
  4. Does not have sufficient work pass quota for internal full-time hire, thus seeking EPS’ assistance to employ the contract staff on employment pass, S-pass or work permit arrangement
  5. Inability to find suitable candidates on their own, thus relying on EPS’ expertise to source and deploy contract staff on a timely manner
  6. Prefer to outsource the hiring and management of staff function to an external party such as EPS

EPS's Contract Staffing Service

EPS’ contract staffing processes are as follows:-

  1. Client to appoint EPS as the contract staffing partner
  2. EPS to source or client to refer suitable professionals and staff
  3. EPS to offer employment to the identified professionals and arrange for the necessary work passes where required
  4. EPS’ contract staff to start work at client’s designation office to undertake agreed assignment and project(s)
  5. EPS to provide comprehensive contract staff management

Benefits of engaging EPS’ contract staffing services

  1. EPS will source and deploy suitable candidate(s). The client is also welcome to refer any suitable candidate(s) to EPS
  2. EPS will undertake the full responsibility of managing contract staff, including on-boarding activities, payroll processing, leave administration, time sheets submission, claims administration, resignation and termination, and other staff matters
  3. In the event of staff’s resignation or termination, EPS will find a suitable replacement candidate to take over
  4. EPS offers comprehensive medical and health insurance benefits
  5. EPS offers value-added and cost-effective services

EPS – The Preferred Contract Staffing Partner

Our friendly staffing consultants are well-versed in all aspects of contract staffing assignment.  Whether you are planning to hire a contract staff on a short-term and long-term engagement, EPS looks forward to be your contract staffing partner of choice.