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How to choose the best staffing agency in the Philippines? 

With strong competition to get the best talents, companies leverage on staffing agencies in Philippines to expediate their recruitment process and have professional recruiters match the right talents to the right positions. Staffing agencies have professional recruiters conduct research, identify qualified candidates, profile suitability, qualify skills, checking references before presenting shortlisted resumes to employers. Additionally, an important advantage of using these third-party recruiters are the added security of hire as it is common practice for staffing agencies to provide warranty period, usually 3 to 6 months. This protects the employer from any case of default and starting the whole recruitment search process over again. Understandably, there are many benefits and advantages of using a staffing agency in Philippines to obtain talents be it on part-time, contractual, or permanent basis.

Finding the right staffing agency for your company can significantly increase the quality of hire which is the crux of every businesses. To ensure quality of choice, below are 4 points to consider before choosing a staffing agency to work with.

1. Establishing staffing requirements

It is important to understand your company’s requirements before establishing the kind of relationship you want with a staffing agency. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many headcounts do you need?
  • Is it one-off or will there be on-going projects to staff?
  • Are the required positions hard to fill and specialised?
  • Regular, casual, part-time or project employee?
  • Entry-level, experienced, or executive level?

After clearly defining your hiring needs and specifying details about the positions, use that as a prerequisite to choose the best fit agency.

2. Understanding the types of staffing agencies

There are different employment types such as temporary, casual, part-time, regular or project employees. Moreover, there are staffing agencies that cater to general recruitment, executive search, specialised projects or even internship programs. As you can see, not all staffing agencies are the same.  Some are highly specialised in a particular field of expertise such as Information Technology, Hospitality, Engineering, Building and Construction. If you are looking for low to mid-level positions, general staffing agencies will suffice.

3. Finding out years of service and expertise

Why is it crucial to do a background check before agreeing to use their service? Talents are valuable resources and so is time. Having a reliable agency to deliver in a fast turn around time will be highly beneficial to the recruitment process. Moreover, having quality profiles are also extremely important and should be prioritised seriously. Staffing agencies that have been in the industry for years will have accumulated a strong base of candidates for selection. If you require specialised positions to be filled urgently, you might want to engage bigger companies with more resources and manpower.

4. Evaluate and negotiate terms of agreement

Staffing agencies normally charge a fee for their service when a successful candidate is recruited and placed. Depending on the size and reputation, bigger organisations typically charge a higher premium. Be vigilant in comparing the rates provided by the companies to ensure it is within your projected budget.

In a nutshell, the best staffing agency is none other than the one that suits your requirements the most. It is crucial to balance between all requirements hence don’t short-change yourself or settle for less than what you need!

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