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How to write an epic job description (in 500 words)

With the average candidate visiting 12-18 sites before they even get to your jobs, it’s exceptionally important to use that job real estate wisely once they do. Candidates are doing most of their research in the Zero Moment of Truth phase (credit to Google for this amazing concept), so when they’re finally ready to make a decision, they have to choose a job and apply.

At that moment, it needs to be a home run.

Recently, I polled 300 talent acquisition professionals about their job descriptions: a whopping 74% said they didn’t like theirs. I’m sure you’re reading this because you don’t like yours either. So, it’s time to change them by simply writing better job descriptions. Here’s how:

Write like a person!

Most job descriptions sound like we are requisitioning a computer from IT and not Emily for sales. Emily is a person. And while we need Emily to have a skillset to do the job, she is still a person that laughs, smiles, cries, gets excited, reads, learns, etc. And we don’t speak to those emotions or needs in most job descriptions.

  • Inject some life! Be funny. Be clever. Use your brand voice and company culture in these descriptions. Talent acquisition is moving into more and more branding and content across their recruiting channels, but job descriptions seem to be the last touched.
  • Avoid internal language, jargon, and acronyms. Keep in mind that they don’t know you well enough to speak your language; to assume they can is off-putting and will lead them to abandon the process.
  • Do not write a page-long job description with long paragraphs and endless bullets! A great job description errs on short: one because candidates all have short attention spans, and two because companies need to be concise.

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How to write an epic job description (in 500 words)

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