IT Contract staffing / Manpower Outsourcing

EPS Management, and Business Consulting Group Inc, an associated company of EPS Staffing Service Group Inc also provides a comprehensive of outsourcing suite of services to our clients tailored to their needs. This includes IT Contract Staffing, Total Manpower Outsourcing, and Payroll Outsourcing services.

We outsource our manpower resources on a fixed term (also known as contract staffing service) to provide services in many areas such as Info-Communications Technology (ICT), Telecommunications & Communications Engineering, Human Resource, Accounting & Finance, Administration, and Sales & Marketing to our clients who wish to use EPS to supplement their manpower needs in their business operations. All contract staff are sourced and hired directly under EPS’ payroll and we manage their salary and benefits, charging the client a monthly fee for the service.

IT Contract Staffing

IT contract staffing refers to the hiring of IT professionals on contract basis, usually over a specified period of time.

In the IT and technology space, contract staffing is very popular as a form of employment arrangement. Many companies employ long-term and sometimes short-term contract staff to undertake a variety of IT projects and assignments. In the same token, many IT professionals also prefer contract staffing employment as it gives them the flexibility of working with different organizations on a variety of IT projects and assignments
Many companies are now embarking on information technology and software development projects so as to digitalize their product and service deliveries, as well as offering online and E-commerce service. All these have fuelled the high demand of IT professionals.

Many of the IT and software development projects are carried out in phases, usually over a 6-month to 2-year project cycles. These projects require professionals who are well-trained with the requisite experience and they are generally expected to “hit the road and run”. This means that they must have the skill-sets and experience in order to take on the contract assignment.

EPS is a market leader in providing IT contract staffing services in the Asia Pacific Region. We currently employ over 1,000 IT professionals in all our offices in the region to undertake our client’s IT projects. Our clientele includes multi-national corporations, international firms, government-linked organizations. In particular, our largest clients are global IT companies, large banking and financial institutions and government agencies. Increasingly, we are also doing business with fast-growing small and medium enterprises, technology start-up companies, as well as foreign firms who are new to Philippines or Asia.

EPS’ contract staffing processes are as follows:

  • 1. Client to appoint EPS as the contract staffing partner
  • 2. EPS to source or client to refer suitable professionals
  • 3. EPS to offer employment to the identified professionals
  • 4. EPS’ contract staff to start work at client’s designation office to undertake agreed assignment and project(s)
  • 5. EPS to provide contract staff management, including on-boarding activities, payroll processing, leave administration, claims administration, resignation and termination, and other HR matters

Our friendly IT staffing consultants are well-versed in all aspects of contract staffing assignment. Most of our consultants are also from IT background and as a result, they are capable of fully understand your IT staffing requirements and are able to discuss your IT projects in great technical details and understanding.

Whether you are planning to hire someone on a short-term and long-term engagement, EPS looks forward to be your IT contract partner of choice.