Background of IT contract staffing in Philippines

In the IT and technology space, contract staffing is very popular as a form of employment arrangement. Many companies employ long-term and sometimes short-term contract staff to undertake a variety of IT projects and assignments. In the same token, many IT professionals also prefer contract staffing employment as it gives them the flexibility of working with different organizations on a variety of IT projects and assignments.

Why is IT Contract staffing an important strategy in the Philippines?

Many companies are now embarking on information technology and software development projects so as to digitalize their product and service deliveries, as well as offering online and E-commerce service. In addition, Philippines is the birth ground of amazing IT talents and professionals which has immerse opporuties to be tapped on.

Benefits of EPS' IT Contract Staffing service

EPS Recruitment | Best Rated Recruitment Company and IT Employment Agency in the Philippines

Market Leader In IT Contract Staffing

EPS is a market leader in providing IT contract staffing services. We currently employ over 1,000 IT professionals in the region (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, etc) to undertake our client’s IT projects. Our clientele includes multi-national corporations, international firms, government-linked organizations. Our largest clients are global IT companies, large banking and financial institutions and government agencies. 

EPS Recruitment | Best Rated Recruitment Company and IT Employment Agency in the Philippines

One-stop service

With our experienced IT recruiters and large IT talent database, EPS is able to provide one-stop support for your IT department and / or IT project, which we cover from sourcing candidate to staff management. 

EPS Recruitment | Best Rated Recruitment Company and IT Employment Agency in the Philippines

Cost Effective Support

Our flexible one-stop support has been chosen as a cost-effective solution by many of our client organizations. EPS is able to provide the most budget friendly solution based on our client organizations’ needs.

Process of EPS' IT Contract Staffing service

Submission of Job Description

We take a look at details of hiring positions so that we can advise our clients of our capability for the requested position.

Understanding of the position details

Our staffing consultants will discuss with our clients to have deep understanding of the requested position.

Internal Discussion

We organize an internal team discussion for every member of sourcing team to fully understand your hiring needs and position details.

Candidate Sourcing 

With our internal & external candidate sourcing techniques, we identify and profile suitable talents.

Interview Arrangement

We assist in arranging your hiring process, which includes online and/or face to face interviews and assessment test.

Arrangement for Employment

We assist in employment process to ensure the offered candidate get on board without any issues.

EPS Philippines

EPS Staffing Service Group Inc. is a trusted HR partner in the Philippines and a part of EPS Group that has been operating recruitment and contract staffing services over decades in SEA.

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