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In order to stay on top of the game, employers need people of high caliber. The process of attracting them in the organization, training them to best fit in, and making them key players within is one investment that comes with great risk, for these people, when not properly managed, will result to turnovers.

2016 US Labor statistics shows that people who quit their jobs, voluntarily or involuntarily, increased for the seventh year in a row; while Gallup reports that 51% of American workers are already active in the job market. Moreover, the reality of going again thru the whole recruitment process is costly. Not only expensive, but also the results are not a hundred percent effective. These clearly indicate that competition for talents are getting tougher overtime.

Given said facts, making appropriate ways to get significant employees to stay is of high importance now. And here’s how employers can use the Platinum Rule to do this. But first, what is this rule? It is simply described as: “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them”, which is a more sensitive version of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The difference between these two is that when we apply the former, we are focusing on what the other likes or wants – rather than what we prefer or like.

Now relating this to employee retention, we can say here that employees will more likely go with companies which better know them, rather than those, which make workers mirrors of themselves. As psychology points out, no two individuals are exactly alike. What works to one, may not be or really not, work to the other. Knowing what makes each of your key talents tick is a sure win for you on this competition for talents.

Back to how companies can make use of this rule for better management of employee retention, here are some of them:


  • Acknowledge and accept workplace diversity;
  • Reach out and discover the amazing camaraderie of others;
  • Increase and develop your diverse work groups;
  • Celebrate cultural differences and traditions; and
  • Reward/recognized each employees based on their individual preferences.


Lastly, applying the Platinum Rule within the organization does not mean abolishing the traditional set-up or personality of the company. It is just simply adding understanding and sensitivity, to know more what motivates your employees, in your core values. Because, only when your employees are happy, satisfied and motivated will they perform best, and will not think of looking out for what other companies may offer.

~ Rose|EPS Staffing   Recruitment Consultant



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