Talented staffs are the most important assets of most organizations.  For this reason, the type of staff and the quality of staff which one hire can make or break a company.

Due to strong demands for global talents professionals, and the difficulties of identifying and hiring them, many companies have turned to and worked with third party companies to handle the full spectrum of their staffing needs, including but not limited to recruitment and selection, onboarding, ongoing staff management & training, payroll processing, resignation and termination, as well as staff replacement and exit activities.

EPS Staffing Service Group is a full-service staffing agency who can meet all aspects of your staffing needs. Whether you are planning to hire a single talent or a team of professionals, we have the experience and expertise to source and deploy such suitable candidate(s) into your organizations.

There are many benefits of engaging EPS’ staffing agency services, including the following:

  1. You no longer need to worry about the problems and challenges in trying to source and recruit the talents. We will help to identify and deploy suitably qualified talents to your organization using our proven recruitment processes.
  2. With our regional operations covering 8 offices in 5 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Japan), we are able to propose and tailor a region-wide staffing agency service model with cross-border deployment of our staff. Our ability to offer a one-stop service will take away your pains of staff deployment in multiple countries with different languages and cultures.
  3. You will enjoy cost-savings and time-savings when engaging our staffing agency services as we are able to offer economies of scale and best-in-class practices. This will help to contain the ever-increasing business costs and also to free up your internal resource to focus on your core business functions.
  4. We believe in offering the highest quality services to our clients. We have robust and well developed processes and recruitment methodologies and this helps us to ensure the robustness and comprehensiveness of our recruitment, staffing and outsourcing processes, thereby ensuring that we provide a first-rate quality service to you, our treasured customer.

Please feel free to come talk to us about our award-winning staffing agency services.  We look forward to forging a strong and long-term working relationship with your organization.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our staffing agency services.

EPS Philippines

EPS Staffing Service Group Inc. is a trusted HR partner in the Philippines and a part of EPS Group that has been operating recruitment and contract staffing services over decades in SEA.

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