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How Temp Agencies Work in Philippines

What are Temp Agencies in Philippines?

Temp agencies, also known as temporary agencies, specialise in finding and providing job positions of temporary basis. Typically, candidates may be looking for temporary employment of a stipulated time while companies are looking to employ short term positions to fill periodic work. Being an intermediary that connects candidates and companies, temp agencies are similar to employment agencies.
Companies may look to outsource this aspect of HR work to have their department concentrate on more crucial tasks impacting the business. Most of the time, companies seek temporary staff to be employed on a project basis during busy periods. Candidates use the service of temp agencies to seek work of a finite period of time. Those that perform well during the job stint may be converted to a permanent role, depending on the circumstance. Hence Temp agencies cover an aspect of demand gap in the staffing market that is crucial to business operations.

Functions of a Temp Agency

  • Companies have requirements for contracted temporary workers and come into contract to determine the type of workers they are looking for. This is in terms of costs, benefits, cost of work etc.
  • Agency profiles, screens, and select a pool of qualified candidates.
  • Candidates’ profiles will be sent to the company for selection.
  • Temporary workers can be paid on hourly wages or monthly wages basis plus any allowances and benefits
  • Duration of contract for temporary staff typically draws from 1 month to 1 year.

Talent Market in Philippines

Philippines the land of opportunities, is a fast-growing market. Many industries choose to start operations here, jumping on the wave of a booming market. However, the topic of recruiting and retaining staff has always been a challenge. In Philippines where the talent market is highly competitive, it is not uncommon for candidates to receive multiple job offers. Most will choose to move for very practical reasons such as salary increments and better promotional opportunities. There has been an alarming rate of talent shortage experienced by many companies in the Philippines. Companies have been exploring different terms of employment such as part time, contract, and temporary staffing requirements. Many also find benefits in engaging staffing agencies to assist in internal hires.

Benefits of using Temp Agencies in Philippines

Companies use temp agencies mainly due to two reasons:

  1. Opportunity cost of outsourcing is lower than doing it themselves.
  2. Outsourcing to a specialised agency to shorten turn around time.

The process of a full cycle employment usually takes 2 weeks to 1 month. By engaging a temp agency, companies can drastically reduce the time and effort needed to profile, screen and interview candidates. This is especially so for temporary positions. Hiring temporary workers can also reduce cost of providing annual leaves, maternity benefits, or insurance. Take for instance a company embarking on a new short-term project of 3 months. Sourcing for the right talents that are qualified may take weeks, which is very inefficient. A temp agency that has been in the industry for years will have the relevant candidate base, allowing quick turn around time in finding and placing the right people at the right places at acceptable cost.

Finding a Specialised Temp Agency in Philippines

A general staffing agency covers all kinds of roles available. This can mean unskilled workers and basic job positions with little training, educational requirement, and no need for relevant working experience. For instance, positions like manufacturing packers, production line workers, security guards and janitorial work. However, for employers looking to hire highly skilled labour with specific skills, specialised temp agencies will be crucial in the process of finding the right talent. Talents such as programmers, coders, developers, system engineers and IT analyst will be in high demand for employment on short term projects. It is important to engage the right agency to leverage on the best expertise knowledge. Today, there are temp agencies that specialises in a wide range of industries such as medical, engineering and technology. They act as a third-party intermediary providing a number of quality workers with the right education, experience and skills to get the best match of jobs available.

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