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Executive Search and Selection service

EPS Philippines specializes in helping companies recruit top-tier executive talent, ensuring you have the leadership needed to achieve your business goals. From C-level and Vice-President positions to Country Managers and General Managers, we provide comprehensive services tailored to your unique needs.

Our Executive Search Expertise

At EPS Philippines, we recognize that the success of your organization hinges on having the right leaders in place. Our executive search and selection service is designed to identify, attract, and secure top executive talent for your company, both locally and regionally.

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Why Choose EPS as an Executive provider

EPS Philippines brings deep industry knowledge and extensive experience across various sectors, enabling us to understand and address the unique challenges and opportunities within your field. Our team of experts has a proven track record of successful executive placements, earning us a reputation for excellence in executive search and selection. We are committed to delivering customized solutions that meet your specific needs, ensuring we find the right leaders who can drive your business forward.

Throughout the search process, we maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism, safeguarding your company's reputation and the privacy of our candidates. By choosing EPS Philippines, you are partnering with a dedicated team that is focused on connecting you with exceptional talent to shape the future of your organization.

Benefits of EPS' Executive search & selection service

Powerful Search

Powerful External Search Engines

We use market-leading tools to expand our search for qualified executives. Based on your criteria, we access top executive talent from specific regions and countries to match your staffing needs.

Professional Consultants

Search Consultants and Referral Contacts

Our consultants leverage extensive industry contacts to find suitable candidates. Placed candidates often become friends and refer additional talent, expanding our reach in targeted industries.

Expert Consultants

Unique Search Team

Our consultants' proficiency in languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, and German enhances their industry knowledge, allowing them to connect with a diverse pool of candidates from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

Candidate Database

Deep Industry Expertise

EPS Philippines’ consultants have specialized knowledge across various industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and more. This expertise allows us to understand the nuances of your industry and the specific leadership qualities required to succeed in it.

Why ESS is an important hiring strategy in the Philippines?

Many of the world’s most competitive talents come from the Philippines. Being one of the world’s fastest-growing economies fueled by a strong domestic market. Equally, it is an important process to find more sophisticated ways to attract and retain these talents and to increase the productivity of the company. At EPS Philippines, we provide the best candidates onshore and offshore, in or out of the Philippines.

The demand for skilled Filipino executives and managers is growing. Both local companies and international organizations recognize the competitiveness of the talent pool in the Philippines and are eager to hire the best candidates.

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Background of Executive Search & Selection in Philippines

Executive search and selection (ESS) is essential in the highly competitive Philippine job market, where attracting top candidates requires more than just conventional recruitment efforts. Your organization's culture is significantly shaped by its people, making it crucial to have an executive recruitment specialist in the Philippines. Such a specialist can devise strategies, source, and search effectively to ensure your company secures the best talent available.

Partnering with a recruitment agency that possesses deep market insights can significantly accelerate the executive search and placement process, positioning your organization for greater success.

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