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Secrets to a Successful Business

Secret to business

Normally, employers tend to be straightforward with their workers for the business to run smoothly: “You do your job, I do mine.” The same case applies to Filipinos. However, their cheerfulness makes things a lot easier.

One secret to make your business successful is keeping competent and happy workers. Believe it or not, they can either make or break your company. You then need to make sure they are always at their best. They will improvise and put in the extra effort. Hire the right people for the job and you will never need to look for another employee.

Filipinos are always happy in the workplace and would want to do better at their jobs, so coming to work may not be an issue at all. But there are various factors that affect how employees feel about their jobs: their role, people they work with, office amenities, superiors, technology and culture.

If you want to ensure success for your business, you can begin by giving your employees a great place to work in. Here are some reasons why it’s important:

Strengthens teamwork

A good work environment encourages open communication which builds solid teamwork in effect. A great way to accomplish this is having an open-office setup where you do away with borders and cubicles. Such office layout encourages employees to interact with each other face-to-face rather than through emails. There’s also more space to huddle and collaborate.

But open-office layout does not work for every business. Sometimes, it can disrupt employees’ focus. In this case, consider creating private spaces for employees who may need to concentrate better on their tasks.

And if you think yours is better off with a conventional layout, make sure you still have amenities that promote collaboration like round tables, couches and meeting rooms.

Cultivates creativity

A satisfying workplace helps dispel creative blocks. If creative workers are crucial to your business, make sure that the environment isn’t too stiff and dull. Help them avoid running out of creative juices by finding inspiration in your office.

Add colors to the workplace. Ensure ample lighting, including natural light. Use authentic plants as decorations. Have some free chocolates available in the pantry, and make sure the coffee maker in there is working fine all the time.

Improves output quality

A good work environment will also improve the output of your employees. The workstation size, accessibility to office supplies, and ergonomics can either encourage or discourage a worker to do his or her best.

Make sure your employees can have access to office essentials like printer, filing cabinets, and a telephone, if their job requires. Also, invest in technology like an updated computer, smartphones, and reliable, high-speed internet connection which all directly affect how effective employees perform their tasks.

Most of the large firms in Philippines lavished its employees with various perks such as nap pods, free food, recreation, family care support, free healthcare service, and time for passion projects to help them become more productive. But study shows that besides all the perks, an environment where people feel safe with each other is actually the key to successful teams. It is the most important factor and not really the perks that keep employees at their best.

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