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For the past years, the Philippines has been one of the targeted countries of investors and companies coming from different industries around the globe to start up a business with. They have seen great potential of work force within the spirit of the Filipinos.

But what does it like to be working and surrounded with Filipinos?
Here’s a list of some key points that foreign business investors can take reference of.

In some westernized country, the subordinates usually address their boss or someone with the higher ranks by their first name and that’s normal. However, in the Philippines, subordinates address those with high ranks as “Mister”, “Sir”, “Ma’am” and “Miss” as a sign of respect even if we’re already told what to call them instead. It may sound awkward at first but after sometime, you’ll get used to it.

The never-ending use of “Po” and “Opo”of people to every sentence as a sign again of respect. These words have been part of the Filipino culture for decades and it will never disappear since this is also one of the thousand ways Filipino’s could show respect when speaking with a senior colleague or elderlies.

Having a little family structure in the workplace. This is usual as Filipinos tend to get along well with all their co-workers and treat them as a real family. There would be this senior colleague who will usually stand as the mother, father, elder sister or brother of the team and would treat and take care of her or his subordinates as her or his little kids or siblings. You’ll be able to notice this as they sometimes address them as “Nay”, “Tay”, “Ate” and “Kuya”. But don’t get this wrong, some Filipino’s also use this address as a sign of again respect to individuals outside of work. For example, when asking for directions or calling someone’s attention.

Lending a hand when one needs it the most. Filipinos are definitely helpful and that is a fact. Most of employees tends to provide extra help in anyway they can when a colleague needs it. Just say the magic word and they’ll be there for you to help you out. They will even run errands for you just to get it done on time.

They don’t mind working beyond shift. This may sound not true, but some of Filipinos doesn’t mind working beyond their shift as they want to get things done within the day. Also, they can’t sleep well at all knowing they have left some pending paperwork on their desk.

When in times of great stress or urgency in the work place, Filipinos can still make it a happy place. They will always find a way to lessen the stress inside, as one may crack a joke in the middle of the tension to let everyone breathe in positive vibes and ease the tension her or his colleagues may be feeling.

Overall, the Filipinos will always do whatever it may takes for them in their work as they always see such as opportunities for growth and development.

~ Tippy |EPS Staffing   Recruitment Consultant

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