Executive Search and Selection (ESS) service

Being an Executive Search and Selection specialist, we deliver quality service in helping companies recruit top executive talents in C-level, Vice-President, Country Manager, Director General Manager and other Managerial levels, both locally and regionally.

Background of Executive Search & Selection in Philippines

Executive search and selection (ESS) is crucial in the competitive landscape of the Philippines. Great candidates do not get recruited easily as a way to gain the interest of these attractive talents. Your people influence your culture. You need an executive search and selection specialist in the Philippines to strategize, source and search to ensure you get the best talents in your organisation. Having a recruitment partner that has market insights can help expedite this executive search and placement process.

Why ESS is an important hiring strategy in the Philippines?

Many of the world’s most competitive talents come from the Philippines. Being one of the world’s fastest growing economies fueled by a strong domestic market, companies entering its local market can leverage on our impeccable talents to raise the level playing ground in the land of opportunities. 

The grab for skilled Filipino executives and talents to be placed in managerial roles are looking increasingly common. Other than local companies, international organisations agree and identify with the Philippine’s competitive talent search outlook and naturally want to select and recruit the best talents to work for them. 

Equally, it is an important process to find more sophisticated ways to attract and retain these talents and to increase productivity of the company. At EPS Philippines, we provide the best candidates onshore and offshore, in or out of the Philippines.

Benefits of EPS' Executive Search & Selection service


Powerful External Search Engines

We subscribed to market leading tools and applications which will allow us to expand our search for suitably qualified executives. Based on our client’s specified criteria, we are able to kick off our professional selection process where we get granted access to executive talents from specified regions and countries to match closely against the staffing requirements.


Unique Search Team

In addition to having extensive industry knowledge, our search consultants are also well versed in different languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French and German. Our language proficiencies allow us to build rapport with a wider candidates’ pool of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.


Search Consultants and Referral Contacts

Over the years, our search consultants have built up their professional and personal contacts in the specific industries in which they specialize and operate in. They are able to harness their network of contacts to select or be introduced to suitable candidates. In addition, many of our candidates whom we have placed into client organizations have also become our friends and we sometimes use their referral contacts to reach out to more candidates from targeted industries from roles/assignments given.

Process of EPS' Executive search & selection service

Submission of Job Description

We take a look at details of hiring positions so that we can advise our clients of our capability for the requested position.

Understanding of the position details

Our remote staffing specialists will discuss with our clients to have deep understanding of the requested position.

Internal Discussion

We organize an internal team discussion for every member of sourcing team to fully understand your hiring needs and position details.

Candidate Sourcing

With our internal & external candidate sourcing techniques, we identify and profile suitable talents.

Interview Arrangement

We assist in arranging your selection process, which includes online and/or face to face interviews and assessment test.

Arrangement for Employment

assist in employment process to ensure the offered candidate get on board without any issues.